Customs administrations execute operations at the intersection of many legislations, such as foreign trade, exchange, taxes, international trade agreements, transportation regulations, standardization regulations, value agreements, incentive and foreign capital legislation, and customs legislation, where transactions are completed. In import and export transactions, it is necessary to interpret the aforementioned regulations correctly and deliver the goods quickly to the buyer starting from the order of the goods. The error-free completion of these transactions and directing the application requires the use of information, experience, and technology in all operations.

Efficiency in customs clearance services is increased in this way. Maksimum, which is aware that this increase in efficiency depends on qualified personnel and proper organization, has built its system on this consciousness.

Internal Operations:
Customs service passes through the stages of taking the documents and customs-related work order of the goods that have reached customs, checking the compatibility of the documents with each other, examining them in terms of GTIP and regime, writing the declaration, registering it in customs, having it inspected, fulfilling the financial obligations, taking it out of the warehouse, and providing the customer with the delivery to the desired district.

Mutual communication and teamwork understanding among the internal and external operation instruments that will follow and finalize this process are of great importance. With this awareness, the most dynamic feature of our company, which has built its system, is that all kinds of data required for the completion of the transactions before the goods arrive at the customs area are prepared by the internal operation units. Thus, fast and secure customs clearance within the legislation cluster becomes possible.

Maksimum solves customs transactions before the goods arrive at the customs area,
only pressing a button remains after the goods arrive.

  • Legislation and GTIP Unit
  • Customs Operations Unit
  • Planning Unit
  • Legal Unit
  • Quality and Training Services Unit
  • Audit Unit
  • Information Security and Archive Unit
  • Financial Affairs Unit
  • External Operations

We carry out a significant part of our External Operations organization with our mobile
offices at Halkalı, Atatürk Airport, and Ambarlı Customs Directorates on the European side of
Istanbul, and at Erenköy, Haydarpaşa, and Gebze Customs Directorates on the Anatolian side.

Our mobile offices are connected to the Headquarters Office via interactive connection, and
instant and accurate information can be provided for our customers’ transactions. In addition,
we actively serve in Kocaeli, Bursa, Izmir, and Ankara provinces in line with our customers’

Our company, which has formed separate units for human and animal health and
standardization controls that are of great importance in foreign trade transactions, can provide
services in Ankara and Istanbul for the documents to be obtained from the relevant ministries,
and supports all external operations with a fast courier network.

  • Mobile Office Units
  • TSE-CE Tracking Unit
  • Product Safety Inspection (TAREKS) Tracking Unit
  • Ministry of Agriculture Tracking Unit
  • Certification Unit (Ankara – Istanbul)
  • Courier Unit

As a company operating in the service sector, we understand the importance of
maximizing and maintaining customer satisfaction. Therefore, we are always by our customers’
side with our experienced Customer Representatives who have full knowledge of every new
regulatory change