Inner Control

In the globalizing world, the importance of completing international trade transactions
quickly in order to compete is now accepted by everyone.

On the other hand, it is also a fact that the problems created by incorrectly or
incompletely completed transactions will be a greater cost factor later on.

Maksimum provides internal audit services by periodically checking compliance with
regulations while ensuring that transactions are carried out quickly to increase competitiveness
in international trade.

With the internal audit service, the compliance of the goods purchased, transfer of the
purchase price, document acquisitions, and customs declarations with the current foreign
trade and customs legislation is determined and the adequacy of the internal control
mechanism of the company is evaluated, creating a security circle for all international trade

In this way, the company served by Maksimum does not encounter surprise costs
resulting from incorrect transactions, focuses only on its own work in its operations, and
creates its competitive power by using its resources economically, effectively, and efficiently to
develop its business.