Customs Clearance

Bu bölüm rutin gümrük işlemlerini kapsamaktadır.
  • This section covers routine customs procedures.
  • Identification of the Harmonized System Tariff Classification (HTS code)
  • Obtaining necessary permits, if any
  • Handling of bill of lading endorsements as necessary
  • Purchase of ordino (if applicable)
  • Obtaining an expert report for model and age determination, if necessary
  • Preparing minutes and/or damage reports in cases of deficiencies, damages, and errors, and informing relevant departments
  • If there are any doubts about the goods or if requested, conducting a pre-clearance inquiry before preparing the Customs Entry Declaration
  • Performing all necessary procedures at Customs Authorities for the inspection of imported and exported goods
  • Calculating and collecting all kinds of taxes, duties, and fees payable during customs procedures, and depositing the accrued amounts in cash or as collateral. If such amounts are paid by check, the checks must be blocked at the relevant bank branch and delivered to the competent authorities after blocking
  • Raising a resolute objection when there is a discrepancy against the calculated amounts during the accrual process by the Customs Administration
  • Performing transit, transshipment, and special warehouse procedures
  • Obtaining a Temporary Import Permit (from the relevant customs office for full exemption)
  • Carrying out all necessary formalities in a timely and proper manner at relevant authorities, such as T.S.E., Insurance Companies, Agents, Chemical Laboratories, Measuring and
  • Calibration Services, Port Authority, P.T.T., and Banks, etc. for obtaining and providing the necessary documents, reports, and information required by the legislation upon request by the
  • Customs Administration, and ensuring the follow-up and finalization of all procedures
  • Monitoring the arrival of goods to ensure the necessary speed in customs clearance procedures
  • Providing courier service for the quick delivery of documents related to foreign trade
  • Performing all necessary procedures and taking all necessary precautions for the timely, complete, and economical completion of customs procedures