Project Certification

By complying with the regulations related to foreign trade transactions, Maksimum ensures the preparation and submission of all necessary permits, licenses, and documents, as well as the necessary documentation, to the relevant authorities. Maksimum also manage the closure of these documents at the end of their validity periods by making the necessary arrangements and submissions.

Maksimum prepares, issues, revises, and closes Inward Processing and Outward Processing Authorization documents. They also obtain necessary import permits such as Import Licenses, Supervision Certificates, Roadworthiness Certificates, and Guarantee Certificates. They obtain permission for Processing under Customs Control Regime, Accredited Status Certificate, and Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) status.

Maksimum also obtains permission for opening and tracks the process of opening warehouses. They handle the
establishment of companies in Free Zones and obtaining Free Zone Activity Licenses. 
Maksimum prepares investment information forms for Investment Incentive documents and manages the process of obtaining, revising, and closing such documents. They also obtain Tax, Fee, and Duty Exemption Certificates, Agricultural Control Certificates, and Health Control ertificates. Maksimum obtains temporary import permits (Partial Exemption from the Customs Undersecretariat) and manages temporary exports through commercial leasing