About Us

Everything started with the liberalization of imports after 1983. At that time, customs
brokerage was carried out for import and export customs procedures, but Turkey’s foreign
trade volume was limited. With the recognition of the importance of foreign trade in a free
market economy, this volume has gained momentum towards growth.

Meanwhile, the most important event that affected Turkey was the 1964 Ankara
Agreement between our country and the then-called “European Economic Community”, which
started with the continuing process of the Additional Protocol signed in 1970 and came into
effect in 1973, and Turkey’s participation in the “Customs Union” signed between the parties in

With the implementation of the Customs Union, the harmonization of Turkey’s legislation
with the European Union became inevitable. It was impossible to carry out the increasing
foreign trade volume with the legislation of that time in a healthy way. The harmonization laws
that started in 1996 and still continue have led to the necessity of carrying out foreign trade
under the conditions prescribed by the legislation package prepared by the European Union.

During this period, we considered it a success to quickly complete customs
transactions on the customs area and send them while doing customs brokerage. As of 2001,
our country’s foreign trade volume, which was 71.5 billion USD, and the changing legislation
have signaled that we can no longer continue with the mindset of customs brokerage.
As the years progressed and we quickly encountered the benefits and challenges of a
rapidly globalizing world, the economic rules of this new world order have become decisive for
success. In this ruthless competitive environment, it was understood that the secret to survival
by doing all these was to study and do homework thoroughly. Today, it is a fact that the
economic value of knowledge cannot be calculated.

Taking a share from all these developments, our company, which was established in
2007 with 19 years of knowledge accumulation, has adopted providing information services
instead of human resources services in the transition from brokerage to consultancy for errorfree and fast completion of foreign trade and customs transactions and has established its