Legal Consultancy

Maksimum provides preventive and protective legal consultancy services, particularly in interpreting the Customs Law and other customs regulations together with general legal regulations, in order to enable foreign trade transactions to be planned and completed in accordance with the law.

Through our consultancy services, your company is examined, necessary legal audits and reviews are carried out, documents and company processes are scrutinized, incomplete or incorrect practices are revised, non-existent ones are prepared by us, and all practices are thoroughly reviewed from start to finish to ensure that all the operations and other business
activities of your company are carried out in a healthy legal process.

With a team of expert lawyers and customs consultants, these studies are conducted in foreign trade transactions:

  • Establishing a secure operation infrastructure in your company,
  • Minimizing the number of legal disputes,
  • Protecting the company’s interests to the maksimum extent in case of disputes,
  • Examining and concluding settlement files.

In this way, a legal protection system will be established in your company to prevent
disputes in foreign trade transactions, allowing you to concentrate only on your work and
contributing to the economic and commercial development of your company